Passion - Gianandrea Noseda, Music Director Designate of The National Symphony Orchestra

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Explore the passion for music that drives Maestro Gianandrea Noseda, the Music Director Designate of the National Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center.

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William Hooker

Musician William Hooker presents a music and spoken word performance titled “At-One-Ment,” featuring guitarist Dave Ross, trumpeter Eriq Robinson, and drummer and spoken word performer William Hooker.

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The Second City Training Center: Wellness Program

The Second City’s Wellness Program: Improv for Anxiety exists to create a nurturing and safe environment to promote self-care, be with like-minded individuals, or to work toward a common goal through the study of improv. This improv workshop aims to encourage teamwork and collaboration, build confidence, create a successful model of empathy for others, and to become a student of your own anxiety. The Wellness Program offers improv as a tool for something other than solely performance based goals.

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NSO Prelude

NSO Prelude: members of the National Symphony Orchestra perform chamber works by Fauré, Beethoven, and Saint-Saëns.

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